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What do you need to know about the Las Vegas casino for a rookie?

Don’t play against the locals.

If you sit down at a poker table and the croupier calls everyone present by name, get up and leave. This suggests that only the locals are at the table. They regularly visit the casino and unfortunately the lion’s share of their “income” is due to the visitors, taking advantage of their naivety. In this case, ask the administrator of the gaming room to transfer you to another table, or take away your badges and move to another club – you should be interested in a company consisting exclusively of visiting tourists (ideally drunk). It is best to appear in the halls around 3am – at this time your sober head and cold calculation will not come across worthy opponents.

Try a drink at Wynn.


Casinos in Vegas offer free drinks to all players. In order to get a cocktail, you don’t have to sit down with the most “elite” company absorbed by blackjack – just sit down at any of the machines. So if you have plans to “get hooked” – do it before visiting the club, so you can save a decent amount.

The best drinks will be offered at Wynn – make sure you order mojitos and branded tequila. Just don’t forget the tip for the waitress: a dollar is enough. You can also admire the Koi Pond, an aquarium home to a goldfish called Koi. Even among the locals, only a few know about a room with an aquarium, so don’t miss your chance and watch the nature.

Play it in style


If you want to enjoy both games and stylish interiors, you are welcome to “The Cosmopolitan” – one of the most fashionable and fashionable hotels in Vegas. Imagine “Wynn” bearing the clear imprint of charm and charm of the famous entertainer Vladzi Liberace. You’ll have the chance to spend your blood in the company of actors, musicians and showmen – for many, this place has become almost a second home.

Do you want to relax and watch the streams of players? Take a table under the elevator to one of the most popular Marquee clubs and enjoy one of Vegas’ best sightseeing spots (compare to Kokomo’s Lounge at Mirage and Wynn for a change).

Spend time at the round bar.

casino evening

Every casino has a so-called “round bar” – an institution located in the center in the form of a closed circle. It’s better to meet and communicate with visitors here than in the club; first of all, there’s no entrance fee, as well as a constant “flow” (rest assured – people sitting across the street will not have time to catch up with you). Therefore, do not rush to “revenge” on a drunk guy who may accidentally come over you in the bar – in a minute you are guaranteed not to see him. However, among the regulars of “round bars” you will not see a single local – even if you accidentally get one, do not hurry to make friends with him: the natives come here only in search of profit. The best round bars in town are Hard Rock’s Center Bar, Mandalay’s Eyecandy and Venetian’s Oculus.

Place your bets on the “Pass Line” field.

Las Vegas

If you are new to gambling, we advise you to start with craps – but not just to play, and bet on the “pass” line. It’s simple: you put the money on the table, and someone is rolling the dice at the same time. If you see the joyful reaction of the crowd – you win. The silence will indicate the opposite result. It’s the easiest option, close to a 50/50 bet (don’t touch the “DON’T PASS LINE” field – that’s what you risk causing other players’ indignation). If you decide to try your hand at craps, visit O’Sheas, where the tables for craps with the lowest bets are caught at every step. If you’re unlucky and have only $20 left, join some drunken, noisy company; ideally, something like a bunch of stunned Ohio University frat guys who have just crossed the threshold of adulthood and want to make a big announcement about it – just for more effect, don’t forget to mention you’re from the University of Michigan).

Play as a professional (even if you are not).

Night casino

It’s no secret that casinos patronize big players, but to track and, moreover, to confirm this status is not an easy task. Therefore, the administration assesses the solvency of customers themselves. One of the ways to “outsmart” the casino – to take the game marker for a larger amount (for example, if you plan to spend an amount not exceeding $500, we recommend taking a marker for $5000). This will definitely attract the administrator’s attention and…who knows – you may be offered a free number, lunch or tickets to the show. Beautiful rooms are offered in many hotels, but the leader on the Mandalay Bay’s list of “bearers”.